Bellassima Sea Spa offers an array of corrective and rejuvenating facials and deeply relaxing reflexology and acupressure body therapies.

Signature Chemical Peels

TCA, Modifed Jessner, and Retinol Peels

Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) peels are considered the gold standard in chemical peels among the skincare and medical community. They aid in the restoration and rejuvenation of the skin's surface to promote a fresh and vibrant appearance. Our TCA peels create a uniform and controlled shedding of several layers of dead skin to achieve long-term results with minimal downtime. The substantial benefits of this peel are the ability to correct several skincare concerns simultaneously in a series of treatments such as hyperpigmentation, skin tone. and elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, and so much more! We can't stop the aging process, but we can reverse the signs of aging to achieve a more healthy and youthful skin.

*Special pricing

VIE 3-D Wrinkle Treatment

This luxurious facial includes a strong glycolic peel and a specific Wrinkle Eraser and serum containing Botox-like ingredients to smooth expression lines around the eyes and forehead. Face Shapers and plumping Hyaluronic Acid filler-serums fill deep lines around the mouth and cheeks to re-volumize and promote a youthful skin texture.

Facial (80 min.) ~$225

Pumpkin Peels

This epidermal peel is what we describe as the "Super Food" for the face ~ a multi-fruit formulation in a concentrated blend of five botanical extracts. These extracts contain naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids that promote smoother, youthful looking skin by increasing cellular renewal and combatting oxidative, free-radical damage. This treatment helps to restore damaged skin and leaves the skin refreshed and noticeably brighter.

Facial (50  min.)/Decollete (30 min.) /Hands (15 min.) ~ $150/$75/$45



A revolutionary resurfacing facial designed to target sun damage, wrinkles, oily skin, redness and blemishes; this treatment combines exfoliation, deep cleansing, extraction, and hydration in a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment that delivers instant beautiful results. Our 60-minute Deluxe treatments features your choice of anti-aging or brightening specialty serum booster along with LED red light therapy, leaving your skin recharged, renewed, and invigorated! Contraindicated for pregnancy.

  • Anti-Aging Deluxe HydraFacial (50 min.) ~ $275
  • Brightening Deluxe HydraFacial (50 min.) ~ $250
  • HydraFacial Acne (50) ~ $225
  • HydraFacial MD (45 min.) ~ $175
  • HydraFacial Neck & Decollete (30 min.) ~ $125
  • HydraFacial Neck (15 min.) ~ $65
  • HydraFacial LED Red/Blue Light Therapies (30 min.) ~ $50       
  • HydraFacial Lymphatic Drainage (15 min.) ~ $40     

Oxygen Infusion Facials

Cooling, calming oxygen under light pressure is applied directly to the skin's surface increasing the absorption of a unique serum that contains lightweight Hyaluronic Acid with a powerful combination of vitamins and antioxidants. The microscopic Hyaluronic Acid helps to instantly hydrate the skin resulting in increased firmness, improved facial contours, and overall radiance. Your skin will emerge deeply hydrated, youthful and glowing with a noticeable reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. This gorgeous facial is perfect for all skin types!

Facial (50 min.)/Decollete (30 min.) ~ $175/$95

Phytomer Facials

All facials include skin assessment, extractions and hand, neck, shoulder massages.

XMF Anti-Aging

Defy age by instantly smoothing wrinkles while tightening the skin. This luxurious facial contains XMF (Extra Marine Filler), a 100% natural biotechnological ingredient that will deliver immediate results. After a complexion smoothing deep exfoliation, heated massage tools are used to perform a unique facial massage. A melted wax mask, as warm as the serene desert, is painted over the skin to seal in all youthful benefits. This facial also includes a plumping lip treatment.

80 minutes ~$225


Resurface, restructure, and rejuvenate the skin with this high performance anti-aging facial. A double exfoliation with enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids refine skin texture, followed by a self-heating oxygen mask to revitalize the complexion. Next a rubberizing mask reduces the depth of wrinkles and resuscitates the skin’s natural firmness to repair visible signs of aging. This results-driven facial is combined with NUFACE micro current technology that instantly smooths wrinkles and tightens skin as well as a luxurious eye treatment to restore youth to the eye zone.

50 minutes ~ $175

SeaWater Pearl

A unique combination of seawater pearls and red algae in an ultra-moisturizing facial massage visibly plumps the skin and restores radiance to the complexion. This hydrating facial includes a deep pore cleansing mud mask to detoxify and oxygenate the skin, while a lip plumping treatment redefines youthful lips.

50 minutes ~ $169

Vitamin Sea

A brightening treatment that immediately delivers a burst of radiance for a complexion glowing with beauty and the reduction of dark spots with natural ingredients such as sea lily and marine Vitamin C.

50 minutes ~ $150

Sea Calm (Rosacea)

A soothing treatment that softens skin that is sensitive or subject to redness. Suitable for compromised skin from harsh treatments or products or sunburns, even for rosacea condition. Cleanses and exfoliates with a gentle enzyme, massages with a gel made up of green algae and finalize with a cooling mask.

50 minutes ~ $150


An exclusive facial designed for adults and teens with problematic skin. This targeted cleansing and mattifying facial treatment, with proven efficacy against blemishes, leaves the skin visibly healthier, fresher and clearer. It unblocks clogged pores and regulates excess sebum, reduces pores for a clearer complexion. This facial includes high frequency or blue LED Lights.

50 minutes ~ $150

Custom European

This customizable classic facial treatment offers all the skin specific solutions of a European facial and much more! An exfoliating enzyme peel is used to brighten and clarify, followed by a skin specific serum, relaxing massage, and potent marine mask chosen to suit your unique needs for dry, oily, mature, sensitive or dull skin. No matter what your skin type, your complexion is left glowing, radiant and hydrated!

50 minutes ~ $140

Back to the Sea

De-stress your muscles and cleanse the skin of impurities with this purifying and relaxing back treatment that consists of deep cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions to balance and normalize sensitive areas while improving the back's appearance. Excellent skincare for those difficult to reach areas of the back, especially if you suffer from back acne. Perfect for a special evening or just glowing summer skin!

*Dry Brushing is a lovely add-on treatment to this back facial ~ an invigorating back pre-treatment experience to slough off surface dead skin cells and enhance your overall skin texture for a smoother and glowing skin.

30-45 minutes ~ $85

Phytomer Body

Treasures of the Sea Body Ritual

Come and relax with Bellassima's ultimate body ritual where all of your senses will be indulged! Your journey will begin with a full body exfoliation with our organic Coconut Sugar Scrub. As this sugar is melted into your skin your body will be exfoliated to a healthy glow. Once the exfoliation is complete you will be drenched with our anti-ageing and firming Coconut Milk and Fijian Honey Mask.  As you are cocooned and the mask hydrates and strengthens your skin you will receive a warm hot oil scalp massage.  Warm Coconut and exotic drift nut oil is dripped into your scalp for a relaxing and decadent hair and scalp treatment. Your treatment will conclude with an application of exotic oil that will hydrate and renew the skin"s moisture balance leaving you and your body glowing from head to toe.

Seafoam Body Wrap

Sea Scrub Body Polish

Massage Therapies

Our highly trained massage therapists understands the benefits of massage on the whole body ~ reduces blood pressure, boosts the immune system, dampen harmful stress hormones and raise mood-elevating brain chemicals such as serotonin.

Salt Rock Massage

A full body massage using a specific sequence of massage to balance Tsing points, meridians and source points. This restorative massage provides deep relaxation and helps to relax body, mind and spirit. This treatment is for everyone, and with the addition of the Himalayan salt stones and heat, it is a truly memorable experience.

Sea Lava Shell Massage

Self-heating Sea Lava Shells are placed on key points of the body along with oil/lotion, providing deep penetration and a sense of comfort and warmth. Combined with traditional massage, the direct heat from these manmade porcelain lava shells relaxes muscles, allowing manipulation of a greater intensity than with massage alone. You owe yourself this exquisite treatment!

Deep Tissue Massage

Of the many massage modalities ~ deep tissue focuses on the release of muscle tension and chronic knots (aka adhesions). A deep tissue massage primarily targets the fascia tissue and deep muscle structure, which can break up and eliminate scar tissue from previous injuries. Another holistic benefit of a deep tissue massage is that it releases the built-up toxins within our bodies by loosening the muscles, which will improve blood and oxygen circulation throughout one's body.

Rebalancing PreNatal Massage

Prenatal massages are specialty massages for pregnant women to help reduce stress on weight-bearing joints, encourages blood and lymph circulation, helps to relax nervous tension ~ which aids in better sleep ~ and can help relieve depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes. At Bellassima Sea Spa, our therapists take extra care to ensure our pregnancy massage clients are very comfortable. Sideline positioning with supportive, soft cushions is used to alleviate the extra strain on the lower back and pelvic areas when the pressure of massage techniques are applied. Every pregnant woman deserves one of these lovely massages at least once in their pregnancy!

Revitalizing Swedish Massage

A full body European classic, this relaxing Swedish Massage works on the muscles and key meridian lines with light to medium pressure to eliminate toxins and reduce tension to create balance.

Body & Facial Enhancements

Mini-Phytomer Facial

Phytomer Eye Treatment

A relaxing eye massage utilizing an eye contour balm softens lines, reduces dark circles and brightens the eye area. A cooling and hydrating rubberized mask is then applied to give the eye area a youthful appearance!

Phytomer Pure Pore Treatment

A deep cleansing mask, perfect for oily or congested skin types, that purifies and refines the skin’s pores.

Phytomer Lip Treatment

This lip enhancement begins features a gentle exfoliation to remove dull, dry skin, followed by moisturizing lip plumping mask to ensure a smooth and hydrated lip area.

NuFACE Lifting Treatment

A cutting-edge boost of micro-currents to instantly tone and lift the facial muscles.

Detoxifying Spine Mud Mask

Hot Oil Scalp Treatment