Our Mission

As in every business, spas vary in degrees of experience and training...Bellassima Sea Spa is the only full-service boutique day spa and nail lounge on lovely Coronado Island with a collective team of Licensed Master Aestheticians and Corrective Skincare Specialists. Our tranquil day spa has ultra-chic, ultra-comfortable treatment rooms that use only the finest spa linens and equipment. Bellassima Sea Spa has the latest in anti-aging products and techniques to address all your skincare concerns and deliver superior long-lasting results. Our lovely new Nail Lounge offers the innovative and eco-friendly steam pedicure system that incorporates wellness for the feet using the benefits of steam and organic products. We've elevated the pedicure experience to the most relaxing of spa escapes.

Hi, my name is Teresa and I love all things beautiful. Simply the word … Bellassima ~ aptly translated as “Very Beautiful” is a lovely description of my warm, soothing retreat and boutique day spa on Coronado Island.

Teresa M. Buenaflor
Owner / Clinical Master Aesthetician, ITEC

I opened Bellassima Sea Spa with the belief that there should be a comfortable and cozy place to come and experience professional skincare on a whole new level. I expect the very best in my own skincare and I share this same philosophy with all my clients. I encourage my clients to become active partners in addressing their long-term skincare goals.

My absolute obsession with Corrective Skincare has led me to find many solutions for those who thought they never could have beautiful skin. My personal statement is that “Healthy Skin is a Woman’s Best Cosmetic.”

I am a nationally certified and International Licensed Master Aesthetician with 20 years of clinical skincare experience. After a decade of corporate America, I fell into the beauty industry via an internship at a renowned Skin Institute & Plastic Surgery Center in Palo Alto, California. I quickly realized that skincare was my passion. I went on to manage and launch various medical spas within the Bay Area for physicians and entrepreneurs. Within a few short months, I was able to successfully set their practices both financially and productively through my many years of sales, management and marketing experience. When we had the opportunity to come home to San Diego, I began to research the many paths to Advanced Esthetics and skincare education to pursue the opening of my own. After I completed my Masters Aesthetics courses, I further pursued my International Certification of Esthetics in Europe (ITEC).

What is I.T.E.C.? International Therapy Examination Council, ITEC is the largest multi-disciplinary international examination board, issuing 28 professional diplomas that are recognized and respected by employers in more than 30 countries. ITEC's diplomas are widely considered to be the highest professional standing that an Aesthetician can currently hold. Presently, they are widely considered to represent the highest esthetic quality in Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. ITEC expanded its global span even more by introducing their education and testing program to the United States. This addition will quickly add the U.S. to the list of countries where an international certification is not a novelty, but a necessity for denoting excellence in esthetics.

I'm a firm believer of continued education by seeking out quality and post-graduate courses to enhance my knowledge and skills with regards to the beauty and medical skincare industries.

Pua Norris
Spa Manager, Licensed Aesthetician, Holistic Health Practitioner

As Spa Manager of Bellassima Sea Spa, Pua Norris is a dual licensed Aesthetician and Holistic Health Practitioner who specializes in the therapeutic technique of Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage. She actively works to bring the latest practices to her clients, and believes in a philosophy of nurturing and healing in her work ~ a core principle of Lomi-Lomi.

A native of the "Big Island" of Hawai'i, Pua ~ which means "flower" in Hawaiian ~ has always admired the intuitive and therapeutic style of the Lomi-Lomi practitioners. The practice is derived from the techniques of ancient Polynesian master healers, who centered their philosophy around the idea of "Huna" - or the seeking of harmony and love through energy flow. Lomi-Lomi practitioners go through specialized training to learn how to give the characteristically gentle, yet deep, massages that incorporate continuous, smooth strokes designed to relax the recipient, open up the flow of energy, and allow for healing and harmony to take place.

Pua regularly seeks out education in therapeutic and holistic methods such as ashiatsu massage, cupping therapy and other massage techniques. She is known and beloved for her attention to detail and her relaxed and comforting approach with her clients.

Hi, my name is Victoria, and both skincare and makeup artistry are my passions.

Victoria Heydari
Clinical Master Aesthetician & Visagist, ITEC

While attending medical school in Mexico City, I fell in love with the studies of the skin and its many facets within our body. I redirected my studies to aesthetics of the skin physiology and was awarded a scholarship to study abroad at Barcelona, Spain. I was very fortunate to be able to study in Europe, honing my skills in their European techniques as well as specializing in acne, cellulite treatments, and the various spa rituals.

I also expanded my expertise to become a Visagist, which is a Corrective Makeup technique that enhances every facial feature on the face as well as body artistic makeup ~ visualize Avatar and Viola!

After I accomplished all my studies, I moved back to Mexico City and worked with an array of plastic surgeons, while I was refining my Visagist skills on various photo shoots. I was recruited to Warner Brothers Studios in Los Angeles where I was a makeup artist for many A-listers for photo shoots, movies and television series. At the same time, I also became an educator for Sebastian Products for their skincare and makeup lines. I took a break to have my beautiful family and decided I needed more education before re-entering the esthetics industry; therefore, I pursued my Master Aesthetician license. I am now more well-rounded with the cutting-edge technologies and skin treatments, such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, silk peel, etc. I also wanted to acquire my International licensing in Esthetics and completed that as well. This 25-year journey has led to many rewarding experiences in my life and now to Bellassima where I am part of a special team that shares the same philosophies and ambition to help men and women achieve optimal skin health.